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To install using the default configuration, simply download the SessionArbiter.msi from the releases page and run it. The Session Arbiter service will start running immediately.

Administrative privileges are required for the install, and if UAC is enabled you will be prompted for elevation. The install will fail if you do not meet these requirements.

The installer fully supports silent installation using Group Policy Software Installation, or by local publishing to WSUS using SCUP or LUP.


Session Arbiter has been tested on a production domain environment with 300+ users without any issues. However, because the software has the ability (if configured) to log off a user session without requiring documents to be saved, it is strongly recommended that you test it yourself in your lab environment.


By default, Session Arbiter will not take any actions regardless of the state of any current logon session. To configure actions, you can either use Group Policy, or local registry settings. You can also configure the behaviour of Session Arbiter itself using service parameters in the registry.

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